Clipboard inconsistent

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Clipboard inconsistent

Post by davidshermantax »

I've installed the newest SheepShaver (2.5) (on my 2017 iMac running OS X 10.13.6) and I find that the clipboard now sometimes works (it didn't use to work at all) and sometimes doesn't.

I want to copy text from OS X, e.g. from Word 2016 or from Folio Views running on Windows using Parallels. The text I copy is clearly on the OS X clipboard; I can paste it anywhere. But in my OS 9 applications on SheepShaver it's often not there.

I thought the clipboard problem had been fixed but it seems not. Am I missing something?


David M. Sherman, LLB, LLM
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Re: Clipboard inconsistent

Post by Ronald P. Regensburg »

Copying text works best between plain text editors, like SimpleText on the guest side and TextEdit (in plain text mode) on the host side. Various ways applications use to produce formatted text is not always understood on the other side. If it does not work, use such text editors as intermediate.
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