MacOS 9

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MacOS 9

Post by kr »

All I hear talked about is OSX and how slow it is.

OS9 is PPC, so I assume we can run this. Would be faster I think... whats the deal with OS 9?

Post by Ph0eniX »

The slowness of PearPC has nothing to do with the OS you run on it. The problem is with the emulated hardware.


Post by Cybermagellan »

This is true, It's not the OS it's not the speed of your RAM, or really even your processor. It's the "Processes" of converting PowerPC structure over to i386 architecture

Post by kr »

no crap its hardware. thats not the real question.

it has to do with software too. OS 9 is more antiquated and thus demands less resources than OSX, and thus will run faster.

Soo... im wondering how MUCH faster...
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Post by sHARD>> »

At this point you cannot run OS 9, however someone is working on a sourcepatch to fix this. It will at this point NOT be added to the main app because it requires the removal of a copyright and replacing it with an Apple Computer one. The author is bound under Dutch copyright law which denies him to changing this copyright to the Apple Computer one.
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