not enough memory for location shape #1

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not enough memory for location shape #1

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Hey everyone!

I am running Mac OS 9 on Sheepshaver to play some old computer games.

After a lot of googling and beating my head over one of them, I got it to work! It was all going great until I had to restart Sheepshaver.

The game still works and it still very much playable, but I noticed some functionality changed. For example, the startup animation no longer shows. It is just a black screen and the sound plays. Some other short "video graphics" (sorry, not sure of the techical term" don't play. After I finish one game, and it goes to start the next, I get this "not enough memory for location shape #1" and I have no idea what this means. I restart the game, and I can get through one game, but then if you try to start the next game, it gives that error again. This error seems to have started when I noticed the particular graphic behavior change.

I can't find anywhere on the Internet that explains what the heck this error even means or what can be causing it. Any help would be appreciated!!
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Re: not enough memory for location shape #1

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Better not "restart" SheepShaver, always shut down and start again.

Which is your guest OS and which SheepShaver build do you run. (Mention not just version number but also the build date!)
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Re: not enough memory for location shape #1

Post by adespoton »

One other thing: if the game required an installer, it may have installed an older version of QuickTime or some new system extensions / control panels in the System Folder. These would have loaded when you started back up.

Use Extensions Manager to change the extensions to the system default, shut down, start back up, and see if the problem is gone (and the game still runs).
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