Windows MinGW build error BasiliskII

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Windows MinGW build error BasiliskII

Post by emendelson »

This for kanjitalk755. I tried to build the current code in MinGW under 64-bit Windows 10 but got this error from the "make" command:

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ether_windows.cpp: In function 'int slirp_add_redir(const char*)':
ether_windows.cpp:1716:5: error: 'inet_pton' was not declared in this scope
    !inet_pton(AF_INET, CTL_LOCAL, &guest_addr) :
ether_windows.cpp:1716:5: note: suggested alternative: 'inet_aton'
    !inet_pton(AF_INET, CTL_LOCAL, &guest_addr) :
make: *** [obj/ether_windows.o] Error 1
SheepShaver produces a similar error. I hope this is easy to fix!
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Re: Windows MinGW build error BasiliskII

Post by kanjitalk755 »

Currently, my fork is checked on MSYS2.
It cannot be built with MSYS.
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