A/UX under Basilisk II ?

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Frank Carvalho
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A/UX under Basilisk II ?

Post by Frank Carvalho »


Has anyone ever tried running Apple Unix, A/UX, under Basilisk II? Is it possible?
I read that A/UX is very particular about hardware identifiers, and that this is an issue when attempting to run it in an emulator. But it would be sooo nice to run under Basilisk.

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Re: A/UX under Basilisk II ?

Post by emendelson »

This was an older attempt at an A/UX emulator:


Perhaps QEMU can do it?? If anyone knows the answer, they'll certainly post it here.
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Re: A/UX under Basilisk II ?

Post by Cat_7 »

BasiliskII will indeed not run A/UX.

But your can always take a look at our guide which seems to be ready before an actual Qemu build is available ;-)
https://www.emaculation.com/doku.php/m6 ... on-windows

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Re: A/UX under Basilisk II ?

Post by adespoton »

Indeed; the options currently are Shoebill and the unreleased version of qemu-system-m68k. Since the upcoming qemu variant only emulates the Quadra 800, it will only run A/UX 3.x. Shoebill emulates a Mac II-ish, so will also run A/UX 1.1.1 and up (but won't reliably run 3.1.1).

[edit] nice to see the softfloat rounding is fixed and any instruction tracing so we've got NetBSD support too! Looking forward to the upcoming commits and test builds :)
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