Build universal BasiliskII on an Intel Mac

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Build universal BasiliskII on an Intel Mac

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Thanks to kanjitalk755's superb work, it is now possible to create a universal build of BasiliskII on an Intel Mac. The basic instructions are here, under "How to Build"

but I didn't understand how to make the instructions work correctly until kanjitalk755 answered some of my questions, so I am adding some clarifications here for anyone who may be as confused as I was.

First, in the list of command for building GMP and MPFR, the instruction to use an alternate "configure" string (beneath the MPFR commands) applies to both GMP and MPFR.

Second, either do not run "make check" or ignore the failures that are listed when you run it. As kanjitalk755 explained to me these errors are normal on an Intel Mac because you are building for ARM.

The additional explanations from kanjitalk755 are in this thread:

I hope this helps anyone else who wants to build a universal BasiliskII on an Intel Mac. Thanks again to kanjitalk755.
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