Help with MoL

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Help with MoL

Post by Jose64141 »

I installed MOL and I have a couple of problems.

I can't get it to work on the framebuffer, as molvconfig can't configure any mode (the system can output at max 680x480, but I'm working on a TV and I get overscan at that res so I'm working with 640x432)
Even though I set the resolution to 640x480 with fbset, molvconfig doesn't seem to like it.
On the other hand, I have X11 installed with lxterminal, so when I run startmol it does run successfully and in fullscreen. But some of the text (like the name of the drives or any selected item on a Finder window) is glitched, like ultra bold and blocky., and the screen is very bright, but I can't find the setting to change that.
And for some reason the mouse sometimes just doesn't work and I have to wait a bit for it to start moving again. (I'm using the default)

Also, I don't seem to understand the Sound settings, because I can't get it to work, so if someone can help me with that too I'd be so grateful.
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Re: Help with MoL

Post by adespoton » -- MoL was last updated in July 2007 -- 15 years ago.

From your previous posts, I understand you're running Linux on a PowerPC. If MoL is anything like MoM (which was based on MoL), it'll require a Linux from that era in order to function -- say, RHEL 5 or Debian Etch (4). From your other post, it seems you only downgraded to Debian 5, which could be where you're having your issues.

That said, MoL never made it out of beta. Not everything works. You'd likely do better with an old version of SheepShaver that supports PPC virtualization instead of emulation. Or, if you're actually on a Mac, run OS X 10.4, and Classic on top. Or if you want to run OS 9 and your Mac doesn't support it, check out MacOS9Lives! for the hacked installers; anything pre-G5 now has an install image for running OS 9. You can even dual boot into Linux AND you get access to hardware acceleration.
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