Tutorial: SheepShaver / Launchbox integration on Windows

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Tutorial: SheepShaver / Launchbox integration on Windows

Post by maxpleaner »

Launchbox is a unified game launcher application which supports Retroarch / Steam / etc, but not SheepShaver. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to make SheepShaver work with it, and I finally got it! To save anyone else the trouble, I wrote up a tutorial for how to launch SheepShaver games via Launchbox and also how to set up controller mappings.

Also, I imagine the process is almost identical for Basilisk although I haven't tried it yet.

Warning, it's quite a wordy tutorial, and probably has some redundant stuff for folks for already have some familiarity with SheepShaver. But it's pretty satisfying when you can see those old Mac games in Launchbox along with your other consoles, and launch / play them using only a controller (no mouse / keyboard required).

Tutorial is here https://maxpleaner.github.io/tutorials/ ... ncher.html
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Re: Tutorial: SheepShaver / Launchbox integration on Windows

Post by adespoton »

Just FYI: there's a Basilisk II core for RetroArch, so you can always set it up that way too.
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