Using qemu to run an iso game on mac

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Using qemu to run an iso game on mac

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I'm a complete and total noob regarding qemu – I recently downloaded a .iso game from macintosh repository, which suggested using qemu to run it, but I have been having no success (expectedly). I've tried running the lines suggested by ... g-qemu/136 – in particular this line:

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qemu-system-x86_64 -boot d -cdrom my_file.iso -m 512
I've tried a few variations, but the result is always a failed boot – the window says could not read from dcrom, could not read boot disk, etc.

If there's any obvious bit of code that could run a .iso file on my computer, or a bit of code that would fix the above, I'd welcome it. I know I'm asking a lot because I know so little, but I'd appreciate any help!
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Re: Using qemu to run an iso game on mac

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Hi, and welcome,

As you downloaded something from the macintosh repository, I assume you want to run the old Mac OS 9 for PowerPC processors or some program written for it.
That Mac OS will not work with qemu-system-x86_64, but with qemu-system-ppc.

You first need to get qemu-system-pcc for your host system. You don't say which kind of host you run. I assume Linux?
If so, install qemu-system-ppc through your package manager. For Linux, there is a GUI available to configure qemu-system-ppc, called VirtManager.
We don't deal with VirtManager here, so you'd have to follow their guides to get qemu-system-ppc running.

If you decide to run qemu-system-ppc using the command line, you can roughly follow our guide for running qemu-system-ppc on macOS to install Mac OS 9. And to install the program you want to run. ... mu-for-osx

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