Qemu-system-m68k macOS to run Mac OS 7-8 /AUX3.x /NetBSD

About Qemu-system-m68k, a m68k Mac emulator for Windows, macOS and Linux that can run MacOS 7.1 to 8.1, AUX 3.x and NetBSD

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Qemu-system-m68k macOS to run Mac OS 7-8 /AUX3.x /NetBSD

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Here is a new an greatly improved build of qemu-system-m68k for macOS.

https://surfdrive.surf.nl/files/index.p ... w/download
Use it with our updated guide: https://www.emaculation.com/doku.php/m68k-qemu-on-osx

-The capability to run Mac OS 7-8, AUX 3 and NetBSD is now integrated into 1 executable.
-Specifying disk and cdrom entries on the command line has been simplified.
-Virtual Memory now works.

Have fun,
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