Anyone tried these ?

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Anyone tried these ?

Post by galgot »

this one is new to me, don't know if it's a fork of something...?

and, well this is more another "All in one" BII/SheepShaver and stuff Raspberry Pi OS Lite installation :
But good to have an option for an install that does all the stuff for you...
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Re: Anyone tried these ?

Post by fred121 »

Yes I've tried the Jaromaz install. Took a bit to get my head around but it works well in my fake mac. Getting the screen size correct required scale_integer true to be added to each of the .cg files for os7,8 & 9 otherwise it defaults to full screen which in my case was too big for the hole in the vintage mac case. Using pi3B atm but has occasional lockup. I might try a 3B+.
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Re: Anyone tried these ?

Post by adespoton »

Looks like the Emu68 one is aimed at providing 68k Amiga support on a Pi? Project first commit was 4 years ago.
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