Trying to recover hard drive

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Trying to recover hard drive

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I'm trying to recover a faulty hard drive out of a 1st generation iMac. I got an IDE to USB adapter and can see the disk, but Disk Utility is useless as far as fixing it or mounting it, so I used Disk Drill (on iMac late 2012 with Sierra) and it was able to recover 99% of the files off it, which is great. The trouble is, the files have no application associations with them, and neither do the applications...they are all just plain documents if they don't have a file extension, which is most of them. I was also able to recover the drive to a DMG file, but that won't open (no mountable file systems), so I'm stuck there too. I know what would work in the old days is Norton Utilities 2.0...Disk Doctor was amazing!...but it seems the newer versions don't seem to have it. I have Norton SystemWorks 3 on my 1st generation MacBook Pro (Snow Leopard), but I can't get it to scan disks that aren't mounted, so I'm stuck. I have all these files with no associations to them, so unless I remember what the document types were, I don't know what to do. I don't know what to do with the applications either when they do this.


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