Inverted Colors on Fullscreen games

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Inverted Colors on Fullscreen games

Post by adamstone333 »

I'm using Sheepshaver for Windows 10 and when I run Sheepshaver in fullscreen and open certain games that require in-os fullscreen, the colors become inverted on the entire operating system. I've tried it with System 7.5.3 and OS 9 as well. I've disabled and enabled the Jit Compiler, changed resolutions, several other settings but it simply doesn't do anything to remove the color distortion when the game is run. What do I do?
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Re: Inverted Colors on Fullscreen games

Post by adespoton »

These games likely require you to be in 256 Color mode. Have you tried them in Basilisk II instead of SheepShaver? If my guess is correct, they're probably 68K games, not PPC.
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