Darling Runtime Environment - macOS software on linux

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Darling Runtime Environment - macOS software on linux

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Here is a report on the Darling Runtime Environment:

https://ostechnix.com/run-macos-softwar ... g-darling/

It says:

"Darling is a translation layer that allows us to run macOS applications on Linux. It emulates a complete Darwin environment, including Mach, dyld, launchd and everything you'd expect. It lets you to instantly switch to a Bash shell and start running the applications built for macOS in your Linux system. Sounds cool, yeah?'

But later:

"Please note that most GUI applications will not work at the moment. Currently, you can only run some simple graphical applications and many command line programs. Don't get disappointed. The GUI applications doesn't work out of the box just yet. The developers are working on this to fully integrate apps running under Darling into the Linux desktop just like the native apps. They even have plans for supporting iOS apps in the long run."

Instructions at the above link.
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