Cannot Open ROM File while opening SheepShaver

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Cannot Open ROM File while opening SheepShaver

Post by LazytownSportacus »

whenever i downloaded and extracted SheepShaver and i runned SheepShaver.exe, an error "Cannot open ROM file" occurred.
and EVEN WORSE, i just spend 3.14159H of installing older Mac OS 7-9 VM Machine via ISO. but i failed.

We need your help!
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Re: Cannot Open ROM File while opening SheepShaver

Post by Ronald P. Regensburg »

I do not understand how you could have spent hours installing Mac OS. If SheepShaver cannot find or open a ROM file, you cannot even start to install Mac OS in the emulator.

Did you install a compatible (old world or new world) ROM file and did you follow our setup guide, configuring SheepShaver Settings using SheepShaverGUI.exe?

Under "Getting Started" the setup guide tells you which rom files to use with which System/MacOS versions and where compatible ROM files can be downloaded.
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