Updating SheepShaver inside COI

About unsupported SheepShaver configurations, like COI (Chubby Bunny), SheepShaver Wrapper, etc.

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Updating SheepShaver inside COI

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This forum neither supports nor recommends using Classic on Intel a.k.a. COI a.k.a. Chubby Bunny. It has a number of problems, including:

1) It overrides the user's .sheepshaver.prefs file in their home directory every time it's run, so can easily mess up a SheepShaver installation -- a problem if you somehow want to use both SheepShaver and COI on the same host from the same user account
2) It doesn't provide any GUI way to modify its prefs file -- you need to do right-click "Show Package Contents" on the Chubby Bunny application package bundle, then Show Package Contents again on COI.app inside it, then open the file hih1 (which is it's master copy of the Sheepshaver prefs file) in a text editor and manually edit it
3) While it provides a drag-and-drop newOS.app for swapping/changing the size of the in-package hidden-file system HD (as detailedin its ReadMe), your only easily-supported choices of size are 100/400/800/1200MB
4) It wraps Sheepshaver 2.3, which is old and buggy.

For anyone interested, here is how I fixed problem 4):

1) Download Sheepshaver 2.4 from SheepShaver_2.4_20180709.zip http://ronaldpr.home.xs4all.nl/sheepsha ... 180709.zip (this might work with newer versions too, but since my host machine is running 10.6 this is the one I tried)
2) Right-click "Show Package Contents" on the Chubby Bunny application package bundle to open it, then withing it do the same for COI.app, and do the same for SheepShaver.app for Sheepshaver 2.4
3) Copy /Contents/MacOS/Sheepshaver from SheepShaver.app to the same location in COI.app
4) Copy the /Contents/Frameworks folder and its contents SheepShaver.app to the same location in COI.app
5) Open COI.app /Contents/Info.plist with the Property List Editor and change the value for Bundle version from 2.3 to 2.4
6) Save and close everything up
7) Enjoy!

Of course, if you're enough of a hacker to do this, you shouldn't have any trouble following the instructions on how to convert from COI to SheepShaver: viewtopic.php?f=33&t=10833. So this is probably only useful if you want to hack/patch COI and then distribute the results to other less-computer-savvy people. Another option for that would be the SheepShaver Wrapper http://www.columbia.edu/~em36/sheepshaverwrapper.html
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