Software News from 1980s

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Software News from 1980s

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Since December, the Open Library has been scanning in a massive microfilm collection covering magazines from the late 70s thru early 90s.

Recently, they added a bunch of issues of "Software News" from the 1980s. Fun stuff. Find them here: ... publicdate

Here's an issue from 1985 that references the early Macintosh computers: ... 85-11_5_11

It says: "So far, Macintosh is mostly popular with 'tech weenies' and 'gadgetophiles'"

And: "PCs are good for production work. Apple has to make people lust for a Mac."

And: "[Steve] Jobs is a creative guy and he thought everyone would share his vision."

I mention those lines just because they are amusing. There are actually two interesting articles about the early Macintosh computers in there, and a long list of business software available for them at that time.
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