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BII using SDL2 without X11 stuck 640x480

Posted: Tue Feb 23, 2021 2:03 pm
by ebann
I compiled SDL2 version 2.0.14 from source without X11 and BII ran fine except that it starts in 640x480 mode and I can’t seem to find how to change to a higher resolution.

Control Panel -> Monitors only have 640x480 at 75MHz as an option.

Since SDL2 doesn’t have the framebuffer option, configuring framebuffer_width/height inside boot/config.txt doesn’t affect screen resolution.

The screen option in BII pref file also is not used without X11. But when I tried, it really messed up the emulator screen rendering and crashed BII.

I ran Speedometer 4 and it crashes during the Color QuickDraw part. I think it doesn’t like the multiple resolution and color depth changes.