SCSI2SD for MacPlus Rejuvenation

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SCSI2SD for MacPlus Rejuvenation

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I have a MacPlus with 4MB RAM and a Brainstorm Accelerator v2.5 card, which used to run off a Jasmine 100MB hard drive. That drive gave up last year, and I've been looking for a way to replace it, and found the SCSI2SD v5.5 external board as an option. I've searched online and found a lot of useful information, including the proper settings for the board to run on the Plus, and I am supplying power to the board via miniUSB to get around the termination issues with the Plus.
I found a prebuilt 2GB disk image on with a limited 6.0.8 OS, which will boot and run, but any modification to that, such as trying to do a full install of 6.0.8, or upgrading to 7.1 (I have the install floppies), returns various error messages. The same site has a 7.5.5 prebuilt image, but that will not boot.
Many sites and topics deal with emulation, and I've tried to adapt those instructions, but with little success. Ideally, I'd like to have a 2GB image with at least the 7.1 OS installed in full. Some how-tos point to the use of Basilisk II as a means of creating bootable images, but again, mostly as emulators, and I'm trying to get a replacement for the hard drive setup I had previously.
I would welcome any tips or advice the members of this forum might be able to provide. Thanks!
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