Executor 2.0 for DOS.

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Executor 2.0 for DOS.

Post by jonirob »

Yesterday, just for a bit of fun (I'm an old aged pensioner, with a lot of time on my hands), I decided to install Executor 2.0 on MS-DOS 6.22 in 86Box on Windows 10.
Never having tried Executor before, I was pleasantly surprised. I installed a few M68K games from the 1980s, namely Mac Pong II, Space Invaders and Bouncing Balls, all of which run impossibly fast on Mini vMac. Amazingly they all run at perfect speed on Executor 2.0!
Give it a try, it's great fun to play around with.
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Re: Executor 2.0 for DOS.

Post by adespoton »

For more fun, the source for Executor was provided a while back: https://github.com/ctm/executor -- main target is macOS, but I believe it can be compiled for Win10 too... with no DOS needed.
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