Descent 3 for Mac G4

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Descent 3 for Mac G4

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Good day!
My name is Wayne and I'm new on this site.
I was running Descent 3 on my G4, and in the middle of my gaming, the screen froze.
I hit the restart button on the front of my tower and it reverted to the OSX4, also installed on my hard drive.

My Mac tech guy, who set this G4 up about 10 years ago, set it up to switch between Classic and OSX.
I can't remember how he did it, but it worked well. In attempting to get back to Classic OS9, a prompt says it cannot find the Classic 9 Folder, and I do not know where to look for it.

Now I cannot get back to the Descent game. I am not computer savvy to know all the ins and outs, so I'm lost.
BTW, my G4 isn't hooked into the internet - I just use it to play Descent 3 from time-to-time.

Any help, hints, or useful info is welcome!
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