Has anyone preserved any builds of a game called "ShiftOS"?

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Has anyone preserved any builds of a game called "ShiftOS"?

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"ShiftOS" is a game where you get hacked by the developer of the OS called "DevX". You have been selected to become a alpha tester for the OS, and when you first get it, it's extremely barebones. You have to earn "Codepoints" and spend them on upgrades in the "Shiftorium". This adds new features to your OS. The goal of the game is to upgrade the OS as much as you can. It supports stuff like customizing your OS via the "Shifter", and even has it's own internet! (it also allows you to connect to the real internet)

It was originally planned to be a real OS based on Arch Linux in 2013, but that has since changed.

But you're not here for a lecture about ShiftOS, so I'll get to the chase and tell you where things have gone down. The original developer of the game, called "Phil" (the owner of the OSFirstTimer youtube channel), said that ShiftOS's development was taking up his free time, and that he would hand it over to the community. A guy named "Michael Van Overbeek" eventually got the game, and has made a rewrite in 2015, called "ShiftOS-Next". However, he rewrited it so much times, that eventually, the game would just die.

Over the years, many builds of the game has been lost, and most have only survived as source code form.

So I ask you, does anyone have a build of ShiftOS? There are some builds floating around on the internet, but it would be appreciated if you were also able to lend over some builds. It can be in binary or source form, it doesn't really matter.

Thank you.
If you need more info, tell me ;)
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