Qemu 7.2.0 and AmigaOs4.1 FE

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Qemu 7.2.0 and AmigaOs4.1 FE

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Here again the attempt with Qemu 7.2.0 ARM and AmigaOa4.1 Sam460 unfortunately I do not get AmigaOs 4.1 installed.

But it is really incredibly fast no comparison to WinUae.

The startup parameters for Qemu I use:

qemu-system-ppc -M sam460ex -m 2048 -rtc base=localtime -vga none -device sm501 -drive if=none,id=cd,file=Sam460InstallCD-53.58.iso,format=raw -device ide-cd,drive=cd,bus=ide.1 -drive if=none,id=hd,file=sam460.img,format=raw -device ide-hd,drive=hd,bus=ide.0 -boot order=c,menu=on -device rtl8139,netdev=mynet0 -netdev user,id=mynet0 -device es1370

Maybe someone has an idea how to fix the problem.


The next try was to compile Qemu by myself and it worked without problems, before I used ready builds for MacOs via Homebrew. Even in the compiled build the errors with the graphics display occurred during booting. It must be the code of Qemu for ARM or just that the currently supported graphic drivers that Qemu supports are simply not available under AmigaOs4.1. I have tested this with different screen outputs. Also the builds of Qemu that are available here I have tested the same problem

-device sm501 and -vga cirrus

With MorphOs the whole thing works very well. Only the hope remains that it will be fixed in the next builds for MacOs...I don't give up hope.

My system:

Mac Studio M1
Ventura 13.1
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