Sheepshaver on non-primary monitor (OSX host system)

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Sheepshaver on non-primary monitor (OSX host system)

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Hi everyone. I've been thinking about maybe streaming some old Mac OS 9 games on Twitch. To do this I need to capture the output of Sheepshaver with my streaming program (OBS), so that it can then stream the content to the server. In setting this up, I've run into an issue.

Basically for my setup it works better if Sheepshaver is not on the primary monitor, so that the primary monitor can contain the full composite of the source video plus additional layout and graphics that are part of the stream graphics. Having the composite on the main monitor also makes it easier to read the live chat since it's right in my field of vision.

However, I can't quite get Sheepshaver to appear on my secondary monitor, except windowed. But I'd prefer to use fullscreen mode, as in windowed mode the OSX window border gets in the way a bit, adding transparent lines on the outermost ring of pixels. Admittedly it's a small thing, but still something I'd like to work around if possible.

If it's not possible then I'll probably run a Windows VM on my secondary monitor and put Sheepshaver on there, so it's not a dealbreaker, but I was wondering if maybe someone here has a better idea :)

Appreciate any thoughts!

edit: I don't know if there's a solution to this, at least I haven't been able to find one. But for now I'll just go with a different idea, which is to just change my secondary monitor to primary temporarily while streaming. It's not ideal because it messes up the locations of all the active program windows that I use, so I need to fiddle with things before and after, but it works. This works better than running Sheepshaver in a VM. Maybe eventually in a future update it can become possible to set the active monitor in the config file. :)
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