BII August 10 build crash on older OS versions

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BII August 10 build crash on older OS versions

Post by adespoton »

I've encountered an odd bug with the latest Basilisk II build (August 10 2023):

Attempting to launch any Apple System of 7.1.2 or earlier, it gets through the boot process and then crashes with "Caught SIGSEV at address 0x84d7ff5 ... IMKClient Stall detected ... (invocationInterruptXPCReply) block performed very slowly (5.00 secs)." when the desktop is loading.

I presume this is to do with the addition of the feature to drag disk images onto the window; whatever was patched doesn't appear to be compatible with Finder 7.1.2 and lower (it works fine with 7.1.2P and later). I've tested System 7.0.0* through 7.5.5 so far; everything from 7.0.0 through 7.1.2 has the crash, everything from 7.1.2P through 7.5.5 works as expected.

The SS build with the same changes seems to work fine on all supported OSes from 7.5.2 up.

Looks like we need to armor the hook a bit more and possibly add another extension to support the drag and drop in older OSes (like with file sharing)?

[edit] Even curiouser... I noticed another difference between the ones that worked and the ones that didn't, and just verified that the issue isn't the OS at all -- it works with the Quadra 650 ROM but not with the IIci or IIfx ROM.

[edit2] Added an issue to Kanjitalk755's Github repo.
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