Trouble with .toast

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Trouble with .toast

Post by starfiretbt »

I'm having trouble opening toast files in qemu. I use programs like Stuffit expander, disk copy, and Virtual CD/DVD-ROM Utility and these programs work fine at opening toast in Basilisk and Sheepshaver but for qemu they don't. I may get error messages like "There are insufficient system resources to mount this image." or if I do open it the files "cannot be read, because of a disk error occurred" (at least if .rft files).

Is there a way to fix this without having to

1. Open the toast in another emulator like basilisk or sheepshaver
2. compress them into a .sit file
3. transfer them out with hfvexplorer
4. transfer them in with filezilla
5. open them with stuffit expander (I can handle .sit files but not .sitx for some reason, I would think it's for mac os x but Macintosh Garden says the program is for os 8 and up)
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Re: Trouble with .toast

Post by Cat_7 »

You can often just add the toast file as a cdrom to the qemu command line. (it might be you need to change the extension from toast to iso)
Just try.

The other way you suggest can also work. As you know, Basilisk/SheepShaver have the option to exchange files with the host through the My Computer option in the GUI. If you zip the files they should survive being on the windows disk before you transfer them into Qemu.

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