SheepShaver + SDL

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SheepShaver + SDL

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Haven't seen it posted anywhere else yet, but yesturday a few CVS changes were committed to begin initial support for SDL.

Eventually this could pave the way for a much easier Windows port of SheepShaver, as SDL is known for it's cross-platform compatibility. I believe the first changes made were to the graphics subsystem, to ween the display off a reliance on X.

It's still got a ways to go, but it's great to see progress! Thanks Gwenole!
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I saw the same messages, even saw some sdl support remarks in the report. On my mandrake 10 installation with sdl support installed I got:

SDL support...: none

Have you got more luck?

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Post by gb »

Use the X11 version on native X11 platforms. It works better and faster.
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