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Meet the Moderators

Post by Cybermagellan »

I figured that sometimes the Mods are looked at like everyday people. Which we are however PearPC has really taken off and with some of the post such as the "Personal Opinion" post really show the professionalism of some of the people on the Forums. So I'll get started and see if any other Moderators wanna get started.

Name: Shawn
Age: 23
Profession: Premium Service Tech Support Consultant for the biggest ISP on earth.
Hobbies: PearPC (Doh!), My 1963 Fairlane 500, and My Family
Background: Started with computers when I was 8 on a Apple ][c. Since then I taught computing for 2 years at Red Rock Job Corp center to the Administration and Computing Basics Instructors. After that I joined the U.S. Army where I did Radio Transmissions (31R) untill I moved to Arizona where I became the Network Administrator for my Company (100 people) then I was asked to fill in for the Network Admin for my Battalion (500 people) then I was deployed as the Network Admin for the 101st Airborne Division (10,000 people). Once my Military duty was over I moved to Tucson, Arizona where I gained employment for America Online, Inc. Where now I do premium service tech support.
Family: Me, My wife (Glenda), Two daughters 5 and 3 (ClaudiaMarie & Alexis), and my 6 month old son (Shawn Jr.)

From CaptainValor:

Hey, my name is Stephen, but you probably know me better as "CaptainValor". I've been a fan and follower of PearPC since it was first demonstrated on The Screen Savers back in the 0.1 days. Since then I've seen PearPC go through an incredibly rapid development and the community mushroom from a few dozen to almost a thousand. I'm now proud to be one of the moderators at the best PearPC forums around, Emaculation! I've been close to PearPC and the PPC community this far, and I will continue to be for as long as the project is in existence. Stop by the Advanced Chat forum and drop me a line if you feel like it. God bless!
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Post by Mac Emu »

Mac Emu. a.k.a. OS Emu, Masmer
Name: Jim
Age: 35
Profession: College student
Hobbies: Mac and PC emulators, quantum field theory, software development
Relevant Background: I've been involved in Macintosh emulation for 5 years now. I started the The Macintosh Emulation Station during the exciting days when Basilisk II, as well as Fusion PC and SoftMac, were in early development (vMac and Executor have been around for awhile longer). I was an official beta tester of Fusion PC for Microcode Solutions and won Emulators Inc.'s Softmac Bug Bash Contest of 1999. I've been running a number of forums on including the OS Emulation forum and the Unofficial Basilisk II Forum and enjoy assisting others in getting Basilisk II or Fusion PC up and running. Now that PPC emulation finally exists, it is great that more people are being introduced to 68k Mac emulation as well. I'm still getting adjusted to using Linux for SheepShaver use and need to spend more time learning the ins and outs of PearPC (I'll probably need your help). :D
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Post by Stephen Coates »

Right, here's my information:

First name: Stephen
Last name: Coates
Nickname: steve30
Age: 13

Can't think of much else to put at the moment, but I'll add some more to this post soon,
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