New Basilisk II/JIT for Windows - 22 November 2005

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New Basilisk II/JIT for Windows - 22 November 2005

Post by robertmo »

Basilisk II: ...
GTK+ 2.6.8: ... php?lid=81

Fullscreen is back :)
And selecting your own resolution is back too (most games uses 640x400 - that resolution was not available with the previous version)
And the new GUI compatible with the new version :)

Prince of Persia I - works fine with correct sound and music. The screen makes a blue flash often without a reason.

Prince of Persia II - still has too slow cutscenes and too slow background music :(
I think it may have something to do with:
WARNING: RmvTime(01f8852c): Descriptor not found
(by the way - with this version the game works only with cpu 68020, and crushes basilisk instantly with 68030 and 68040)

Prince of Persia II Demo - cutscenes and music are with proper speed

There is also something wrong with drawing top menu while playing games (it was ok with the previous version).
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Post by CFran2 »

is PoP all you care about or does it mean that anything else works fine?
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Post by CFran2 »

btw it's not working for me, when I launch BasiliskII.exe, nothing happens, and when I click start in the GUI, nothing happens either (except when i didnt have the cd driver in the drivers folder, it told me so and then did nothing at all)
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Post by danq989 »

Wow, this version is much faster and more compatible than the last version I tested (which may have had the JIT disabled).

Running System 7.5, I can useNetscape 2.02 and Maelstron 1.4.3 with good stability, which I could with the old build 141(?) release but not with the first SDL build.

Keep up the great work, and if BII is being updated again, I can only hope there's a new build of the Windows port of Sheepshaver coming soon!

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Post by The Balance Of Judgement »

I downloaded and tried this but it refuses to boot from my 7.5.3 CD even though I selected "Boot from CD' in the prefs.

Any other ideas? The old Prefs editor had more options when it came to CD-ROM etc.
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Post by sshrugg »

Hey, all! This thing works really well, thank you so much for the update!

It booted fine off of the 7.5.3 disk image I had sitting around from the other basilisk, and performs really really well! Granted I have a pretty tough machine, but the graphics don't even drag that much.

The only issue I have is with CDs. I tried to test out the CD drive emulation with my Alone in the Dark CD. It doesn't mount. I made sure that I wasn't mounting my CD drive in my computer, then even turned my computer off. cdenable is installed. Any suggestions?

Thanks again!
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