Installing OS 9 from Computer Specific Install Disc

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Installing OS 9 from Computer Specific Install Disc

Post by EVWeb »

This is not a question, but an answer as to how to install from a computer specific install disk.

Edit: For instructions as to how to install from the install disk, go here. ( It is easier to do it my way, but you need the restore disk, not the install disk )

First off, you will need, not the computer install disk, but the computer restore disc.
Start up SheepShaver using the restore disk.
Once SheepShaver has started up, it will ask you to initialize the disk, do so. ( Either format works, but extended is better )
On the computer restore disc you will see a folder called configurations.
In that folder will be a disk image.
Open it, and copy all it's contents to the hard drive.
Open up the start up disk control panel, and select the hard drive.

This should allow you to install from any computer specific restore disk.
( I had to do this because all my universal OS 9 install discs were 9.1 )

Note to Admins: You should give a link to the topic I linked to up top, as when I first looked at this forum, I couldn't find the information to install from a computer specific disk, and it said in most of your posts that it couldn't be done.
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Post by LinuxDream »

good idea :mrgreen:
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Post by Stephen Coates »

That is the same method that I posted in LinuxDreams topic.

I hadn't tested it in SheepShaver though, only on a PowerBook, so it's good to know that it works.
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Post by isaackong »

Your method is very useful and helpful. Thank you very much. Can you teach me how to set up the networking in the SheepShaver and window XP? Can I connect the other Mac in SheepShaver?
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