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 Post subject: FAQ of SheepShaver
PostPosted: Wed May 20, 2009 2:42 pm 
Granny Smith
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Here is the FAQ of the emulator named SheepShaver.

1. What is SheepShaver?
SheepShaver is the emulator that emulates (but still partially emulates) the first generation of PCI Power Macintosh. It first started in 1998 for BeOS, commercially. Then, in 2002, the SheepShaver will became open source software and ported to various platforms. The development has been suspended as of the April 2008, along with the Basilisk II. It also shared the more code from Basilisk II.

2. What is emulated?
PowerPC CPU with some Altivec support and incomplete implemention of memory manager, the frame buffer for display output supporting for larger screens and true colors, audio DSP supporting CD-quality output, compatible Ethernet via Open Transport, ADB keyboard and mouse emulation and disk sharing from your host system to the emulator.

3. What is not emulated?
Open Firmware, display accelerator, SCSI or IDE bus hard disks or CD-ROMs (this is impossible to format using Drive Setup and Apple HD Setup), USB, Firewire, Airport, full MMU, and many are not emulated.

4. Can you access the hard disks without SCSI or IDE bus?
Yes. The emulator patches the ROM routines to think all disk images or CD-ROMs are mounted as large floppy disks.

5. How to set them up?
The Power Macintosh ROM file (PCI) or New World ROM (find in G3 System Folder or 8.6 CD-ROM or in Mac OS ROM Update 1.0), the disk image above 500MB and the Macintosh System CD for installing Mac OS.

6. How to get the Old World ROM?
See the MacTracker for the Power Macintosh and PowerBook technical information.

You must have the Power Macintosh computer or PowerBook computer (except 5200, 5300, 6100, 6200, 6300 LC, 7100, 8100, WGS 9150, PB 1400, PB 2400c, PB 500 with PPC, PB 5300, and all other Macintosh computers after Power Macintosh G3 Beige). You must all the Old World ROM has the 4MB of size.

7. How to get the New World ROM?
Don't extract the ROM into the all Macintosh computers after Power Macintosh G3 Beige. You should go to the 8.6 CD or the Mac OS ROM Update and get the ROM. Also, try the technique how to get the ROM here: http://emaculation.com/doku.php/sheepshaver_roms

8. What is the version of Mac OS can run?
Depends on your Macintosh ROM. The Old World ROMs has the monochrome background and monochrome Happy Mac can run System 7.5.3 through Mac OS 9.0.4 (7600 ROM cannot run Mac OS 7.6, Mac OS 7.6.1 can be run through them). The beige G3 ROMs has the monochrome background and color Happy Mac can run Mac OS 8.1 through Mac OS 9.0.4. The New World ROMs has the gray background and color Happy Mac can run Mac OS 8.5 through Mac OS 9.0.4.

9. It is the Mac OS installation crossed-platform in SheepShaver ?
Depends on your Macintosh ROM. After installing OS 8.6 when the ROM has been changed, you're unable to boot them until you delete the Sheepshaver_nvram file.

10. Can you run other OS other than Mac OS 9.0.4?
No. The Open Firmware and the MMU does not emulate them in SheepShaver, so you cannot run OS X, OS 9.1 or later, or any other Unix-like OS.

11. Why I cannot boot from CD after installing OS 9?
Please remove the Sheepshaver_nvram file, and then, please unbless the OS 9 System Folder.

12. The oldest application or application is incompatible in SheepShaver will crash. Why?
Because of this, the older programs or the programs that cannot be used are not good just like the Apple's Classic Emulation for OS X. You need to use Basilisk II. If the program is PPC, but the Basilisk II can't and SheepShaver can't (result the crash), the program cannot be run in emulation mode, please use your own Power Mac to run them.

13. QuickTime or other programs that uses QT will crash or hangs SS. Why?
According to the all QuickTime versions after 3.0 will works fine. However, in QT 3, 4.0 (not 4.1.x), or 5.0, it only runs partially, but them, it also crashes or hangs the emulator. QT 6 refuses to show any video. In OS X edition of SheepShaver, none of modern versions of QuickTime can't be run in OS X version of SheepShaver. Try doing some better research at this time.

14. How much RAM required to run?
In OS 9, you must have some more memory to run, for example, you need 64MB to run OS 9 in SheepShaver, most programs requires additional memory required. But sometimes, you have enough memory, but the program fooling the emulator saying you don't have enough memory, for example ResEdit, when trying to copy all resources in one time. Virtual memory is unavailable.

15. Can I print in this emulator?
Use the PrintToPDF software to print inside the emulator. The parallel port emulation is now far and also no USB emulation. Use the AppleShare, when them, check the network configuration for settings.

16. How to set up the ethernet?
Install Open Transport (this one will came from 7.5.3). Choose the network type in GUI. In Windows running SS with OS 9, you expected the newer Open Transport dosen't work them either, so you need to replace to the OS 8.6 version. For router, set the IP address to 192.168.0.x range (must be different in your host IP), set the subnet mask to and then set the router address to and set any of the DNS address that you have available.
For slirp network, just set the TCP/IP to DNS (this is the technique for OS 8 or OS 9).

17. The sound of Mac OS 9 does not work. Why?
Please remove or disable the Apple Audio extension. If you running OS 8.5 through 9.0.4, please go to the Sound control panel in the Apple Extras folder to enable it.

18. Can you run At Ease on SheepShaver?
Sometimes, you have to run version 2.0 non-workgroup edition. The At Ease is the most annoying software in Apple, mostly used in Performas. Version 3 does not work due for the MMU.

19. Can you run Carbon programs in SheepShaver?
You can run most Carbon programs or applications that only requires Mac OS 8.6 or later, but be very slower if you running the emulator on OS X and run Carbon applications under it, you should don't need SheepShaver anymore to run Carbon applications.

20. Can you run System 7.1.2, 7.5 or 7.5.1 in SheepShaver?
Use Basilisk II. This is the emulator that you can run older Macintosh OS. In SheepShaver, you can only run 7.5.2 through 9.0.4, through them, the NuBus Power Macs can run 7.1.2 through 9.1 while the LC Power Macs can run 7.5 through 9.1. So you don't need SheepShaver to run old Mac OS earlier than 7.5.2.

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 19, 2009 7:49 pm 
Space Cadet

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With respect to printing, I used the Apple Desktop Printer Utility to set up printing to my networked Brother MFC7820N. This printer has fixed IP address (I do this as I have two of them, one at work and one at home, both with the same IP on each Airport network. That way my MacBook Pro thinks it is the same printer wherever I am, and I don't have to bother selecting the right printer). I selected Printer (LPR), then in the next screen selected the right PPD file and under LPR I pasted in the IP address, then verified it and created a new desktop printer. It just works!


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