June 20: vMac Development Snapshot

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June 20: vMac Development Snapshot

Post by ClockWise »

New development snapshot of Mini vMac:


Here's some of what Paul says about it:

"The latest Development source snapshot continues work on the new approach to assembly language for the core 68000 emulation. The build system now supports using assembly language in the Linux for Intel version.

Furthermore, assembly language can be used for the Windows version, using the command line tools from Bloodshed Dev-C++ (basically a version of MinGW). I haven't figured out a way to make the IDE deal with assembly code. To compile with the Bloodshed Dev-C+ command line tools, use "-t wx86 -e dvc -cl" in the Mini vMac build system, extract the resulting archive in Windows, and at the Windows command line, run something like "set PATH=c:\Dev-Cpp\bin;%PATH%", then change to the extracted directory, and run "make". The result is somewhat faster and smaller than the previous best version compiled from the c code, using Microsoft Visual C++. This demonstrates the hoped for advantage of using assembly language, getting consistently good results with any development tools."
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Post by yksoft1 »

Build this snapshot for Windows with both my trusted VC6.0 and my MinGW GCC4.3.3+Msys environment used to build FFMpeg and Mplayer.
As usual, I've built Plus, SE, Classic and IIx variants.
http://www.mediafire.com/file/y0qownwni ... 20-wx86.7z
http://www.mediafire.com/file/ym1ejy4ix ... -gcc433.7z
MSVCRT.dll is required to run MinGW builds.
I've noted that the new assembly MINEM68K.s is still only for 68000 systems and not for IIx.
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