Jeff Bargmann Interview
sardaukar_siet : First off, tell me something about yourself and your technical knowledges of programming.

Jeff Bargmann : Well, first off, I'm 15 years old, and have been prgramming for the past 6 or so years. Much of the things I have learned have been self-taught, in a very inquisitive manner that has allowed me to figure out things about Windows that most people pass up, allowing me to make a program like MacVision. Also, my studies into regular advanced programming techniques has helped me greatly in creating things like the upcoming Finder. As for me as a person... as I said I'm 15 years old, and am a sophmore in HighSchool. Programming isn't the only thing I'm good at - I'm also execellent in things like soccer, track, along with other sports, and get very good grades in school.

sardaukar_siet : What motivated you to program such an utility? A programmer's challenge?

Jeff Bargmann : About a year and a half ago, became interested in Macs, how they looked and how they operated. After looking around for a while I saw what little there was for people like me who enjoy how Macs look and act, but either by choice or by force are using a PC. So, I took the project because I wanted to heother peopleto work more effiently, and also because it was one of the first projects that I had worked on, it was a good thing to see how good I was at programming at that time. It was a good way to challenge myself, and help others :)

sardaukar_siet : Just how much of the regular windows shell (explorer) will be replaced? All of it? or is this a cosmetics change running on the usual shell?

Jeff Bargmann : When the Finder is completed, MacVision will be capable ofreplacing the windows shell *completely*. The Finder will be MacVision's file manager, so explorer will not even need to be used to browse/navigate your harddrive and such. Also, MacVision will have all the standard shell features, such as the capability to have it's own desktop. (Yes, you will be able to have that desktop be right aligned!) The current version of MacVision is ment to only partially replace explorer, as it is ment to run on top if it, but there are options that allow you to hide the WIndows Taskbar. Now, and when the new Finder feature is finished, MacVision also is valuable in that it also provides a dramatic cosmetic effect to WIndows that allows it to look like a real Mac.

sardaukar_siet : What kind of compatibility issues will that raise, if any?

Jeff Bargmann : MacVision being a shell should not cause many compatibility problems at all. The only real downside is that shell extentions that may have been added to explorer will not work with MacVision, for obvious reasons. However, most people do not have many if any shell extentions that add onto the Explorer file manager or taskbar, so this should not be a big issue at all. As for MacVision's interface emulation, this does cause problems for some. Some applications conflict with MacVision, but fortunatly built into the program is a dialog where you can exclude applications from being applied to by MacVision, which prevents those programs from crashing or causing other problems.

sardaukar_siet : Do you expect trouble from Apple Computer or even Microsoft?

Jeff Bargmann : I am not expecting any problems from Microsoft, but Apple on the other hand could very well have a problem with the program. I am currently dealing with these issues with my lawyer, and don't feel I can go into this subject any more at this time.

sardaukar_siet : do you use any mac emulators?

Jeff Bargmann : I don't use mac emulators on a regular basis, but when I need to I have a registered copy of fusion that I use to take screenshot, and do various other things.

sardaukar_siet : Is MacVision going to continue to be freeware?

Jeff Bargmann : MacVision is going to be freeware not for forever, but for as long it is in beta testing, which will still be a while. After that there will be some small registration charge (probably in the $15 range), however the method in which I will distribute it at that point is undecided. (Shareware, demo, etc)

sardaukar_siet : What tools do you use on the project?

Jeff Bargmann : To develop MacVision I use Microsoft Visual C++ v6.0 Professional Edition, along with it's standard development tools, and I use Adobe Photoshop v5.5 for my graphic editing.

sardaukar_siet : Do you intend to allow shell extensions to surface, through some plug-in development kit or similar?

Jeff Bargmann : I am unsure as to whether or not I will allow for a plugin interface of some sort. If I do however, it won't be for at least 3 months, so don't hold your breath! It's likly that I will add something like this mid year next year, if the decision is made that I will add support for them.

MeanE : Any word on the finder release date?

Jeff Bargmann : The Finder still has a good month or two left in it's development. If this were the summer, I'd say one month, but with my incredably irregular work schedule, and the difficultly of the remaining features, it's going to be a while still. However, as of just recently, I am letting users know what I am working on and what I have left in a new section on MacVision's website.

MeanE : Do you prefer the MacOS interface over windows?

Jeff Bargmann : I can't really say I like one more than the other... but I do happen to like the MacOS interface a whole lot ;)

MeanE : Where do you get most of the "art" you use in MacVision?

Jeff Bargmann : I get all of the screenshots that I use to make MacVision from using the Mac emulator fusion, and from friends who have Macs.

MeanE : Do you have a Mac and a PC?

Jeff Bargmann : I just have a PC. That's one of the reasons I wanted to make MacVision in the first place!

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